20 Months – My Thanks to PKE 126

Written: October 21st, 2011

Dedicated to my fellow classmates in the Presidential and Key Executive MBA Program at Pepperdine University – Cohort #126.

Twenty months ago, 18 of us embarked upon a journey but unfortunately, we’d lost a couple along the way.  When we started, we had no idea who the other people were who were joining us – what they were like, what they were capable of, and, most importantly, what they wanted out of this journey.

During the last 20 months – the answers we sought slowly became visible to all of us.  Strangers became friends – friends became family – limits were pushed, and in the end, we finally discovered what we all wanted – to become better then when we started.  Better leaders, better executives, but above all else, better people.

Twenty months later, as I look upon my fellow classmates and reflect back upon our very first session together, I cannot imagine haven taken this journey with any other.  You all, students and professors, have become a part of me.  The experiences, the lessons, the memories, and most importantly, your involvement during my journey has mad me a better person and for that, I am eternally grateful.

As we close out this chapter in our lives, we find ourselves about to embark, yet again, on another journey.  I request all of you to take the lessons that you have learned over the past twenty months and do just one thing – MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  Make a difference to make this world a better place however and wherever you are able.  I believe that we are placed upon this great world to serve and each one of you now has a new responsibility to ensure that you give back so that you can pay it forward.  That is what the circle of life is all about.

I am reminded of a quote that I’d like to share – “People come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime”.   To you, my fellow classmates and professors, I say, I look forward to spending a lifetime with all of you.

Now, in closing, I welcome my fellow classmates to take the first step into your new self for you are no longer the same.  Be fearless – be positive – be brilliant.



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