Thanks for the memories…

It’s always tough leaving a company – one that you’ve committed your time, hard work, and life to.  Whether you’re leaving because you have a new opportunity or because it’s just time, it can be an emotional experience that you may need to process.

“Wow!  What a relief!”

“I’m so excited about what’s next!”

“Holy crap, what was I thinking?!”

“Did I make the right decision?!”

“I have no idea what’s next and I’m nervous terrified…”

Based upon experience, below are just some of my suggestions on the right way to leave, regardless if you are leaving on positive terms or not.  

NEVER speak ill of your former company or those working there.  Every work experience will have events and/or people that are frustrating!  However, as you progress in your career, you being to realize “what a small word” it really is and people are more connected then ever.  So, as tempting as it may be to vent or gossip, remember what your mom always said, “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all.”

Be grateful for your time, the learning, your accomplishments, and anything else that serves you well while you were at the company.  Together, you and the company did some great things together and that’s the memory you want to focus on when looking back upon your career.  You might find that both you and the company are better off as a result of your time together.

In the end, your reputation is all you can take with you.  It’s formed by the efforts rendered, the accomplishments achieved, and frankly, how you’ve made people feel along the way.  All of which, can be void immediately, when you behave in a non-professional manner.

Here’s wishing you well on your next adventure… whenever and wherever it may be.  Remind yourself… you’ll do great.

To your continued success…


Author: vikaskhanna

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