Be Forgetful!

BeForgetfulAs I get, “wiser”, I realize that life really is a journey.  For some, the journey is amazing and beyond what most imagine possible.  Did Bill Gates ever think he was going to be the richest man in the world?  Did Ernest Duchesne (and subsequently, Alexander Fleming) realize that when they discovered (and re-discovered) penicillin that it would change the lives of billions of people?

Unfortunately, for the other 99%, this journey is in a state of constant flux – not necessarily because of our environment, but rather, our thoughts and choices. Many of us wake up and habitually fall into our personal “rat race” and in that race, we dwell on the past, we wonder what our life would have been had we made different choices, and we unintentionally live a life not of significance.

We can, thankfully, change our lives immediately!

How?  Well, let us first agree that like those successful people I mentioned above, and for many other successful people you have come to know, they, like everyone else have one thing in common – failure.  Possibly in different shapes, forms, and quantities but failure nonetheless.  The difference, however, between possibly you and them begins with what they choose to do with the memory of the failure.

Successful people choose not to remember the ‘event’ of failure because remembering is not always a good thing.  In fact, in many aspects of your life, I encourage you to be as forgetful as possible!  That’s right — learn to be forgetful!

You see, not all of life is great.  Like everyone on this planet, at some point on our journey, we will experience failure or difficult times (S.E.E. moments).  Unfortunately for most, these moments don’t provide lasting change and often, we permit these moments to inhabit our current life only to take us right back to the experience.  We give these moments permission to hold back our personal growth and subsequently limit our personal journey.  And we do this unconsciously every day of our lives.

The solution?  Develop your short-term memory.

We have been gifted with both a short-term and long(er)-term memory; and that’s exactly what it is – a gift.  On our personal journey, we will constantly experience additional S.E.E. moments – we’ll lose our job, we’ll lose someone we love, we’ll feel lost – the list is never ending.  By harnessing our short-term memory, we can intentionally ‘file away’ these negative experiences and continue to push forward with the valuable lesson we were meant to learn.

It all begins with you.  You have the ability to take possession of your mind and direct it towards the attainment of what you want. You have the power to make your journey amazing.  And best of all, all the power you need is already inside you – unlimited power!

Remember, personal growth is a process – embrace it.  You cannot bypass the process, you cannot accelerate the process, the process is, and will remain, a process. 

When you find yourself reminiscing about a S.E.E. moment, remember the following quote:

Do not waste one moment in regret, for to think feelingly of the mistakes of the past is to re-infect yourself.” ~ NG

Reset… Pick yourself back up, and try again.  Life can be great… you just have to choose.  Start now, one step at a time.

To your continued success…


Author: vikaskhanna

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