Six Steps to Screening Your Next (ad)Venture!

So you are finally ready to take that leap of faith and make the surest best you can – on yourself, by starting your own new venture!  Congratulations, because for many, this is a huge step and making the decision itself, often, is the biggest hurdle to overcome!  It takes courage, determination, and most importantly, reconditioning your vocabulary and altering your definition of success.

So, with all the ideas that you have, or are presented to you, what process will you go through to filter what you believe is the right next (ad)venture for you?

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Re-Innovating Your Business!

Innovation, whether most people think about it or not, is a key component to business.  It can not only lay the (new) foundation for which your business will be built upon, it can also re-energize your existing business and take it to new levels!

Apple, as an example, which traditionally was a hardware/software company, re-innovated the entire music industry around the launch of its new product – the iPOD.  Not only did the iPOD become a cultural phenomenon, it became the foundation for innovation within the company towards other products like the iPhone, iPad, and more.  At $356/share for Apple stock – it’s clear that innovation is a key ingredient to the company’s success.

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