In business, as in life, you come across many situations where you find yourself needing to address an issue of some sort.  The challenge, often, is that many of us do not take a holistic approach towards dissecting the condition and applying a logical framework to move us towards resolution.

This is the concept behind the acronym N-A-B-C.

Now, before you can apply NABC, you have to implicitly clear on the problem you are trying to solve.  Then, and only then, can you begin to apply the framework outlined below.

Needs:  What are my specific needs?  You may find yourself with many so it may be a good idea to prioritize them because your ultimate solution, based upon many variables, may force you to forgo some of the less important requirements.

Approach:  We all know that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  Conversely, we also know that there are many different ways to arrive at the same destination.  That said, you might find yourself with many different approaches towards addressing your situation.  As with Needs, your defined priorities may or not may not validate that a certain approach you have outlined is viable.

Benefit:  Each Approach that you have outlined will provide inherent benefits.  Ideally, you’d like to find the approach that provides the most benefit with minimal cost (as listed below).

Cost:  Each Approach will have costs (tangible or intangible) associated with it.  At this stage, you are trying to seek out which approach offers the most “bang for the buck!”


Author: vikaskhanna

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