The Law of “The Process”

I was introduced to the “Law of the Process” by John Maxwell – respected management and leadership guru through his book (which I highly recommend for anyone interested in this subject matter), the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.  Of the many valuable lessons contained within the book, one of the most important in my opinion is, in fact, the Law of the Process.

With reference to the book, it places the law strictly in the context of leadership.  However, to extrapolate the meaning behind the law – you’ll understand that it’s widely applicable to many facets of life.

To paraphrase, the law basically says that “in anything that you do, there is a process – and that process takes time.  You cannot accelerate the process, bypass steps in the process, etc – the process is, the process.”

At many times in our life, we find ourselves in situations that are sometimes beyond our control and in those situations, we are forced to re-examine where we are, our decisions, and make determinations as to where we need to go from here.  Recently, I was counseling a friend about losing a family member and needless to say, it was a terribly painful experience – especially, if you have never been through it before.  In the end, I basically echoed the Law of the Process and, somehow, it clicked.  Many times, we find ourselves fighting the inevitable and it’s in times like this we must be mindful of where we are and succumb to the process that is waiting before us.

Switching gears, in the business world, we all strive to become the “CEO” (i.e. a leader in some capacity) and we examine other senior people who are in roles we believe we should be in.  We think about their decisions and possibly make criticisms that are generally unfounded.  We believe “I can do it better than them!” and, while that may be correct in certain situations, what we must realize that there is a process that we must go through to become the “CEO”.  There are lessons we have yet to learn – some that we cannot even comprehend at this time.  We must again accept that things will happen for us, in time, if we allow ourselves to go through the process.

The Law, like many in this universe, exist for a reason.  Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to let yourself go to and go through, the process.  And remember, the process repeats itself over and over – welcome it with open arms, be mindful of the learning that comes out of it and, most importantly, have patience and trust that it will work for you!

To your continued success…


Author: vikaskhanna

3 thoughts on “The Law of “The Process””

  1. Great post Vikas. I definitely feel like I have this problem sometimes. In general, I am a very impulsive person and when I make a decision, I just run with it, leaving little time for retrospection. I definitely need to take the time to calm down and enjoy the whole process. I’ve often thought that once I get to where I want to be, I will probably miss doing everything I did to get there.

    1. Very insightful on your part. I think much has to do with where we are in our lives and what’s important. Being cognizant of the process is the first step…

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