What Are Your Rules?

I’ve always found it interesting when a successful executive takes the time to write down what they believe have been their core success principles.  Given the vast majority of topics available, it’s not that easy to narrow down to a select few.  More importantly,  those that have been identified as consistent and repeatable – this ability is, in many cases, equally if not more important, than the principle itself.

I came across an article yesterday where Pepsi’s CMO, Salman Amin, defined what his six principles of success have been and I’ve shared them below.

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Entrepreneurs Wanted – Apply Within

You may have heard about StartupVisa – a movement that seeks to change the current EB-5 visa (immigrant investor) guidelines. To summarize, “Under the proposed legislation, instead of the visa going to an investor, a startup company founder or entrepreneur who receives a minimum equity investment of $250,000 could qualify as an EB-5 visa recipient.  At least $100,000 would have to come from a sponsoring US investing entity.”  To say that this movement is critical to the entrepreneurial and further economic development of the US would be an understatement! Continue reading “Entrepreneurs Wanted – Apply Within”

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